Laser Tech Kft. Use of laserwelding
Laserwelding is a method for reduction of costs to our parties, because the repairing costs of expensive moulds, injection moulding and cutting tools are much lower than the new price of them.
One reason for it is, that laserwelding is a method with high energy-density, so working is faster and because of the concentration of the laserlight it is preciser.
The laserwelding happens under microscope.
The welding material corresponds with the material of moulds and tools.
So hardness of mould steel is secured.
The welding of diverse metals (e.g. titan, brass, aluminum, steel) is possible, which materials could not be welded with other methods.
As a result of concentrated heat, the welded item does not discolour and does not deform in case of close welded places as well.
Another great advantage is that the direct contact between the piece of work and the machine is not necessary. So laserwelding could be well used in cases where we must avoid mechanical changes of form and chemical pollutions.

ALW vario 100